Causeway Chamber Honors Mr. Edward Montgomery’s Retirement
Published on:February 15, 2024

Causeway Chamber recently hosted a dinner to express their gratitude and bid farewell to Mr. Edward Montgomery, who has been an integral part of The Honourable the Irish Society. With a remarkable career spanning 26 years, Mr. Montgomery has made significant contributions to the community and left an indelible mark on the organization he served.

The dinner hosted by the Causeway Chamber holds great significance in honouring and expressing gratitude to Mr. Edward Montgomery. It provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to come together and celebrate his remarkable career and retirement. 

With a rich historical background, Edward and The Honourable the Irish Society have recognized the importance of fostering local businesses and communities. In addition to their focus on economic development, Edward and The Honourable the Irish Society have also taken steps to support community development and well-being. They recognize the importance of a strong social fabric for the overall prosperity of the region. 

The evening was also an opportunity to meet Duane Farrell, who has recently been appointed as the new Secretary and CEO of The Honourable the Irish Society.

We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate closely with Duane and the Honourable the Irish Society. We believe that by working together, we can create impactful initiatives and programs that will have a lasting positive effect on both the business community and the wider community.



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