A Causeway Welcome is part of a new pilot programme created by Causeway Chamber to address the skill shortage identified within their key priorities 2018-2020 in order to support Chamber members in the tourism and hospitality industry.

A Causeway Welcome is supported by Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.



Tourism in the Causeway Coast and Glens

Accommodation and hospitality providers are key contributors to the economy of the Causeway Coast and Glens. They welcome our visitors, support employment and host our celebrations. We all benefit from a thriving tourism sector. But we recognise that our tourism businesses need support in order to drive standards and grow their businesses in a sustainable way.


Recruitment and retention of staff

A key issue affecting our tourism business members is a growing skills gap. We are in a period of almost full employment in Northern Ireland. Young people are not entering the hospitality industry in the numbers needed, and experienced staff are leaving to find work in other sectors. Since the Brexit vote, migration from Eastern Europe is down 26% (Source: BBC). Wage inflation has become a problem. There is a perception that the industry is a challenging one to work in, with anti-social hours and inflexible working practices.



No one business can take on these challenges alone, so businesses, education and other stakeholders need to work together to make sure our tourism economy grows to its full potential. Causeway Chamber can play a role in this. We can act as a neutral venue, bringing businesses together and connecting you with the supports that you need to grow and thrive.


Why now?

There is a big demographic shift happening now. By 2022, we will have 10% less 18-year olds leaving school. This year Further Education registrations were down 30%. Brexit uncertainty means that we can’t rely on migration to fill staff shortages. We need to actively encourage young people that the Tourism Industry is a good future-proofed career opportunity and a place where they can make a difference. 

If you are or know someone considering changing career, the tourism and hospitality sector is a fantastic, vibrant and dynamic place to work.  A career in tourism can mean a career in finance, marketing, management, HR, food and drink and much more. It is a sector where you always have opportunities to learn more and build upon your skills and experience. The hospitality industry is made up of people who began their career collecting glasses or washing dishes, but in a few short years went on to run their own kitchens or venues, and in many cases their own portfolio of businesses – and you can do the same!

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