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Causeway Chamber elects new President

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Murray Bell was elected as President during Causeway Chamber’s AGM which was held Tuesday 11th June at Causeway Enterprise Agency.

Chief Executive Karen Yates welcomed all members to the meeting and thanked Chamber Council for their input to the Chambers key priorities for 2018-2020 which will be launched in the next few weeks. Karen said Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council region is the biggest outside of Belfast, this is our time to grow, create economic wealth and not miss the opportunities.”

Addressing those present Murray said, “Causeway Chamber has formulated its own business vision for Causeway Coast and Glens – something that people can begin to hang ideas on, and that they can engage with as a concept, and it is this – that Causeway Coast and Glens should aspire to become the new ‘California of the North’.

Yes, this sounds a little naïve, innocent perhaps, but we believe that we need to have a vision for our area that is aspirational and inspirational – and whilst California has its pros and cons, there are two main themes that connect – those being the impact of tourism, and the impact of creativity and inventiveness, and we want to capture some of that.

Additionally, we want to grasp the opportunity to nurture an inclusive welcoming society that embraces inventiveness and endeavour, for the sake of its people and economy, but not at the expense of its environment.

Breaking this down, Causeway Chamber’s vision for the future involves three key themes for business in the area, and we aim to build all our actions around these, being Skills, Growth and Infrastructure.

Murray highlighted the extensive and diverse expertise that is represented on the Council and their passion for this area. Murray welcomed Anne Marie McGoldrick of PowerOn Technologies to the role of Vice President and David Boyd of Roadside Garages to the role of Deputy Vice President.

Membership of the Chamber Council, the body that governs the Chamber was increased with the election of Camilla Long of Bespoke Communications, Zane Cole of BCM Security, Melanie McAllister of Ulster Bank, Maressa McGilligan of City of Derry Airport and Jonny O’Brien. The Chamber welcomes these members on board and thanks those who have stood down for their valued assistance.

Annette Deighan, Operations Manager provided an overview of the year to those present. Annette also thanked the Chamber’s Corporate Sponsors – Autoline Insurance Group, B&E Security Systems, Irwin Donaghey Stockman, Riada Resourcing and Roadside Garages for their continued support.

Click here to read the President's speech

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