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Coleraine company agrees deal to help destroy coronavirus

A ground-breaking system that destroys viruses including Covid-19 is being introduced to Northern Ireland thanks to a Coleraine-based company.

ATG Group has partnered with a Danish firm that manufactures and applies its patented chemical-free disinfectant, which eradicates microbes including bacteria, viruses and airborne mould spores.

The Premium Purity™ system, which is guaranteed to destroy coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria for up to 12 months, also purifies the air, removing odours. It reduces spores, bacteria and viruses by 99% just 5 minutes after application.

Premises that are treated with the three-step system are monitored by a team from the Loughanhill Industrial Estate-based company during the 12-month period to ensure the microbes do not return.

The pioneering environmental and waste solutions company has agreed an exclusive deal with the firm behind the process – ACT Global – to implement it across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Managing Director and microbiologist Dr Mark McKinney said that the move would give confidence to staff and customers of organisations that use the system.

He added: “This ground-breaking three-step process will allow businesses to treat their premises so that any bacteria or virus, including Covid-19, is destroyed on hard and fabric surfaces.

“Once microbes are transmitted to the treated surface, the chemical-free disinfectant reacts to light and destroys them. Viruses, including Covid-19, bacteria, spores and volatile organic compounds that create strong odours are also eradicated.”

Dr McKinney said the procedure should not replace daily cleaning but can be used to keep hard-to-reach places or areas that are not part of daily regimes free of bacteria.

“The walls of a hotel are not cleaned daily because it takes too long and using chemical-based solutions would mean paint or wallpaper will be quickly damaged,” he explained.

“Premium Purity™ gives our customers the confidence that the surfaces of their buildings are safe and are not harbouring bacteria, viruses and spores. Their clients and employees will feel reassured knowing the treatment has been done. Those using it will be given a certificate to publicly display, which will give customers peace of mind.”

The sustainable system uses a non-chemical disinfectant that does not harm the environment.

Dr McKinney added. “The environment is at the heart of ATG Group, which is why this system fits in so well with our waste and remediation services. Even when it is used on fabrics it does not damage them prematurely, which means the likes of carpets will not need to be replaced any sooner than normal.”

For more information about Premium Purity™, contact ATG Group on 028 703 4787 or email info@atg-group.co.uk

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