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H360 Team Up with TBC Mobility Conversions

H360, a sister company of SJC Hutchinson Engineering has teamed up with TBC Mobility Conversions, Northern Ireland’s leading specialist vehicle convertors,to fully convert their latest mobility vehicle.

Working with TBC Mobility Conversions, H360 has taken a new Ford Tourneo Connect and fully converted it for mobility purposes. The contract will see the first vehicle, a fully-converted bare shell being shipped to England for ‘pull testing’ on all structural H360 designed elements.

Ian Ferguson, Senior Design Engineer at H360, explained: “We were approached by TBC Mobility Conversions to engineer bespoke structural components for this new vehicle for mobility conversion. We are absolutely delighted with this new partnership and believe that TBC Mobility Conversions now have a valuable addition to their existing mobility vehicle range.

“The Ford Tourneo Connect conversion follows already established design techniques but is an extensive redesign of the rear area of the vehicle. Whilst we had points of reference for the conversion, everything that we have designed is unique to the Connect vehicle, meeting industry design criteria both structurally and dimensionally.

H360, otherwise known as the ‘complete solutions provider’ in the industry, takes a concept from idea right through to production. It includes an initial consultation, a feasability study, through to design and development, producing a prototype before going into full production.

“We are known for taking on concepts and making them a reality. From working on bespoke stand systems for a high end Audio equipment manufacturer, to designing surfboard manufacturing equipment for Skunkworks Surf Company, there is no project we won’t and can’t turn our hands to!” explained Ian Ferguson.

David Donnell, Managing Director at TBC Mobility Conversions, explained: “It is great to be able to have the service produced by a like minded company in Northern Ireland. We were attracted to Hutchinson Engineering and H360 as they had, both the design and manufacturing capibility in house. This ensured for a very speedy result.

“This has been a huge first project for the company, and I am very impressed with how well it has worked out. The Ford Tourneo Connect is now on its way over to England to be ‘pull tested’, whereby it is strength tested for safety along with a number of other factors. I am confident that H360 have produced a great conversion for TBC Mobility Conversions, and that this working relationship will continue well into the future.

“TBC Mobility Conversions can now offer another vehicle for Mobility purposes, increasing the range of vehicles open to Mobility drivers, who hadn’t had much variation before. We believe in increasing accessibility, which is just what these vehicles do. We are delighted to be bringing a new, bespoke vehicle to motability users in the UK.

H360, a sister company of SJC Hutchinson Engineering has teamed up with TBC Mobility Conversions, Northern Ireland’s leading specialist vehicle convertors, to fully convert their latest mobility vehicle. Pictured is (L to R): Wesley Emerson, TBC Mobility Conversions and Ian Ferguson, Design Engineer, H360.

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