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Northern Irelands first Earth Shot launches with Project Girona

Some maverick minds in energy have come together to create Project Girona, a revolution in sustainable, renewable and cost saving energy solutions, with a virtual power plant and smart grid being built in the Coleraine area.

Coleraine, Northern Ireland, 20th October 2020: This October Directors of Project Girona Anne Marie McGoldrick, David Moore and Eddie McGoldrick will be responsible for the first ever smart grid in Northern Ireland. The £7.5m research initiative, is innovating the use of renewable energy by offering up to 100 households in the Coleraine area free renewable energy solutions. This, along with commercial properties, will allow the collection of big data, to support a revolutionary energy solution.

Eddie McGoldrick and David Moore have over five decades of experience in the energy industry between them. They both believe there has to be a smarter way to provide cleaner, cheaper energy to homes and businesses in Northern Ireland.

Just think of all those wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars you now see every day. But how do we make it easy for more and more people to start using cleaner, cheaper, greener electricity? Can we make use of all the solar and wind energy out there? As Sir David Attenborough has been telling us clearly, we need new approaches to achieve Net Zero. Project Girona is all about confirming what some of those new approaches can be, every home and business having the ability to use green electricity; for heat, power and light and to fuel their cars.

Project Girona, backed by UK Government, is intent on providing greener, cheaper and sustainable electricity to those who take part. It will be offered to a limited number of eligible households and commercial premises in Coleraine area.

Project Girona are offering domestic participants free installation and use of solar panels, as well as a smart battery, to homes in the Coleraine area. This will enable households to generate and store their own renewable energy for the duration of the project. Participants of the project are expected to see an estimated 40% reduction on their current electricity bill.

Operations Director of Project Girona Anne Marie McGoldrick explains, “We aim to prove how renewables and storage can combine to change the shape of the energy market for all consumers. Our ultimate goals are to help reduce emissions by reducing fossil fuels, while rewarding the participants in the project by saving them money on their bills.”

David Moore says “The Girona team aim to support a wide variety of renewable technologies, and we work closely with clients to agree and achieve specific “Green” strategic targets and objectives. We have managed energy effectively for our clients for many years. Net Zero transition is being described as the most profound change to the energy sector in a generation. But to accommodate this evolution, the networks and systems that transmit and distribute our power must change too. That is what Project Girona strive to deliver”.

Eddie McGoldrick concludes, “We want to make the energy market more democratic; consumers feel they have no choice when it comes to the big energy companies, but they also want to improve the environment for their families in the future and reduce their running costs right now. These innovations can bring smart energy solutions like solar panels and battery storage into consumers daily lives. The ‘smart-grid’ isn’t just good for the environment because it uses more renewables, contributing to the Net Zero target, it will also see a reduction in energy bills.

Following the recent announcements by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson backing the future of renewable energy and the launch of the ‘Earth Shot’ initiative by Sir David Attenborough and the Duke of Cambridge, Project Girona launches at the perfect time to keep Northern Ireland at the forefront of energy innovation and deliver lasting change. Find out more at gironaenergy.com

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