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Occupational Eye Care Scheme

I care’s occupational eye care scheme is designed for our local employers. It enables you to offer your employees a full eye examination, with  OCT scanning , for a low cost. It offers your employees a privileged discounton any spectacles if they require them. Also if there is a legal duty for you to help with the cost of DSE spectacles, i care’s scheme will cover the cost.

Benefits of offering an eye care scheme 

Increases staff moral Members of staff see an occupational eye care scheme as a bonus. They feel that you are looking after their own well being.

OCT Scanning

i care opticians is one of the few practices in Northern Ireland to offer  OCT scanning. This is the leading technology which enables us to detect glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease at the earliest possible stage. Offering this service ensures that your staff will be getting the highest possible eye care available.

Brings your business into line with health and safety at work legislation Stephen, our fully qualified optometrist will take time to look at the different visual requirements for your business. He will ensure that all ocular aspects of health and safety work legislation are fulfilled.

Reduces absenteeism An occupational eye care scheme ensures that your whole work force has had a full eye examination which can detect and correct any source of visual stress, reducing fatigue and headaches. This benefit not only reduces absenteeism but will increase the productivity of your workforce.

Privileged discount offers for all staff Our scheme offers any member of staff who needs to purchase spectacles a privileged annual £30 discount, which is available all year round.

Feedback from the eye examinations

You the employer will receive a simple report of the findings of each eye exam. The report will outline which visual standards have to be met, if they have been met, and what visual correction is required for the employee to meet them.

The report will not discuss the in-depth findings of the examination or any pathology found due to the confidential nature of the results.


  • Eye Examinations A private eye examination including OCT scanning today costs £65 per person. With our eye care scheme you get 60% reduction making the cost to you only £26 per person inc VAT. As the sight test is for business the VAT at 20% is reclaimable making the cost to you only  £21.67 per employee every 2 years.

A number of your employees may qualify for a NHS sight test. This would be the case if they fall into one of the following categories – Over 60 years old, Suffer from Diabetes or Glaucoma, have a family history of Glaucoma, in receipt of income support or ESA, have a tax credit exception certificate, or are registered blind or partially sighted. In this case we only charge you for the OCT assessment which is £16 inc VAT.

  • Spectacles What makes i care’s scheme so unique is there no cost to you for spectacles. We offer the £30 discount off spectacles as a bonus to your staff.In event that your employee would be legally entitled to spectacles we will cover the cost for you!

  • Payment Every month we will send your our invoice. This will include a breakdown of which members of staff had a eye examination.

It sounds great! How do I sign up for it?

Give us a phone call at the number given below and we will discuss with you the different visual requirements for your specific business.

So if you want your business to benefit from the occupational eye care scheme give us call now on 028 7082 4444 and ask to speak to Moira about the occupational eye care scheme.

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