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Political Representatives Must Redouble Efforts To Restore Assembly and Executive – Joint Statement

“Two and a half years on from the collapse of the Executive and now approaching the likely conclusion of the Brexit process, the Northern Ireland business community is deeply concerned at the continued absence of a functioning administration and is calling on political representatives to redouble their efforts to reach agreement to get the Assembly and Executive working again.”

“There has seldom been a time when strong and effective leadership has been more necessary, both to deliver on the domestic agenda and also to speak up for Northern Ireland in the Brexit process.”

“We need a fully functioning administration to agree and deliver a Programme for Government that will build infrastructure, reform our health service and education system, ensure we have a strong economy and create opportunities for our young people. We also need effective representation in the Brexit discussions, even at this late stage in the process, to ensure that the economy is protected through whatever changes arise and that all necessary mitigations are sought and secured.”

“The business community will give encouragement and support to those politicians who stretch themselves to reach a compromise. Without such a commitment and associated action from our elected representatives, we risk irreparable damage to our economy and our society for which future generations will judge us harshly.”


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