Training & Development Award

This award will be awarded to the company that most successfully promotes and implements a learning and development culture to achieve outstanding organisational and individual success. Navigating a sudden, deep and widespread crisis such as the Covid-19 global pandemic; necessitates strong leadership, resilience, resourcefulness, and ingenuity that is not called forth every day, indeed rarely in most lifetimes.  At this time, we would particularly like to hear about training and development initiatives that have been implemented during lockdown. This could be new practices adopted to adapt to an ever-evolving global crisis or an emergency response service that your company provided within the community during these times.

Who should apply?

We would encourage any business large or small from sole trader to large businesses that can demonstrate a commitment to on-going people development.

Award Sponsor

As a leading centre of higher education, Ulster University’s major focus is on teaching and research with a strong commitment to innovation and knowledge transfer.

We aim to provide professional education to ensure a pipeline of talent equipped for an emerging world.

With this in mind, we are delighted to support the Chamber’s Training and Development Award for the company which most successfully promotes and implements a learning development culture.

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